Waste Monitors for Commercial Property ManagersCommercial property management companies, like all service providers, are faced with the challenge of providing the highest standard of service to clients while keeping costs manageable. The major accounts in education, technology, medicine, and government have high expectations when engaging commercial property managers. Much of property management involve waste. From the personnel that ensure interior bins are emptied on time, to the responsible sorting of waste and its removal from the property, waste management requires planning, logistics and technology support. To stay competitive while constantly improving service, it is very important to actively look to the market for the technological solutions to help achieve this.

Wastenet has developed waste monitoring solutions that enable commercial property managers to optimize how waste is managed on-site, and reduce the costs/resources required to keep owners satisfied. With powerful analytics, we support and inform complex on-site waste management processes too.

Commercial Property & Waste Compactors

Many medium to large sized properties utilize compactors as good practice for optimizing the space needed to store waste and keep haulage costs down. Nevertheless, haulage costs remain expensive and compactors that are not monitored can be hauled without reaching their full capacity, or worse, go stagnant when the compactor is full.

To remove any risk of expensive early hauls or disruptive over-fills, Wastenet has developed a patented technology that accurately measures the fullness of self-contained compactors, ensuring clients and property managers always know available capacity.

As a compactor reaches its maximum fullness level, the Wastenet system knows when a waste container needs to be hauled away. Our software also provides detailed reports as needed, but most importantly, it reduces waste haul costs an average of 56% helping commercial property managers be cost efficient when providing the highest standard of waste management to clients.